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A little book of quite lightning and gentle earthquakes by stefan geyer


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Book design and all illustrations by Fred Deakin




If you are only ever going to buy one book on Permaculture, don’t buy this one, but if you’re going to buy two, buy this one – Andy Goldring, CEO Permaculture Association UK, Permaculture Teacher & Designer

Individually both Zen and Permaculture have a powerful potential to inspire and transform one’s life and our perspective on the world around us, and our place within it. Stefan Geyer has, very succinctly and beautifully, combined these with deftness and a wisdom he has gained through experience, giving insight into the natural world and, ultimately, our own nature – Mark Boyle (AKA the Moneyless Man) author of Drinking Molotov Cocktails with Gandhi (among others)

Even the most experienced designer can sometimes get caught up in over-thinking and ‘analysis paralysis’. Stefan’s Zenarchist approach is a timely reminder that permaculture design is about keeping it light, keeping it simple, and just flipping doing it… – Graham Burnett, author of the Beginner’s Guide to Permaculture (amongst others), and Permaculture Teacher


A little book of quiet lightning and gentle earthquakes
In this book I try to show how permaculture, infused by insights from the Zen tradition, can be a modern method of liberation from our society’s present woes. Permaculture offers emancipation and emboldens us to think in joyfully expansive, daringly experimental and creatively caring new ways. Each page explores a permaculture idea or theme. These are not the last word on the subject but catalysts for new thought. They articulate a process of awakening that can help us become intimately aware of how nature works. As we become more sensitive to our place within the natural world, we see our own nature within it. It shows you how to use permaculture design as a gateway leading to a shift of perception that can change everything…

Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better – Einstein

A lovely book that reminds us of the importance of doing nothing, sitting still and just thinking before setting out to create beautiful and genuinely labour-saving Permaculture designs – Tom Hodgkinson, editor, idler.co.uk

Stefan Geyer helps illuminate some of the slipperiest aspects of the permaculture worldview. In doing so, he makes a real and strikingly original contribution to the permaculture literature – Rafter Sass-Ferguson PhD, Agroecologist and Permaculture Teacher

Here is a beautiful, visionary and spacious dance between zen and permaculture. We are invited to explore the magic, hope and possibilities that permaculture contains for each individual, humanity and the planet. The vision is grounded with useful tips that we can bring into our lives to have immediate positive impact – Looby Macnamara, author of People and Permaculture and 7 Ways to Think Differently (former Permaculture Association UK Chair


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About the author

About the author

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Published: September 2016
ISBN: 978-1-85623-289-0
Size: 200mm x 125mm
Format: Paperback, 124pp. 9 b/w illustrations

We are members of one great body, planted by        nature…. We must consider that we were born for the good of the whole

~ Seneca (4 BC – AD 65) ~

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Exploring permaculture through the perspective of Zen is a masterstroke. If you expect tips on gardening you will be disappointed, but if you want to know what permaculture is you find a thousand answers here – Tomas Remiarz, Permaculture Teacher & designer (former Permaculture Association UK Chair)

Inspiring thoughts that helped me to focus when lost in design – Petra Krubeck (Permakultur Institut – Germany)

Stefan’s refreshing book invites us to taste Permaculture anew, in deep stillness, contemplation and witty essence, thus nurturing our hearts and minds with juicy sweetness and delight – Robin Clayfield, author of Dynamic Groups, and Permaculture Teacher

It is small in size but infinite in wisdom. Without ever being dogmatic you convey the essence of what is permaculture design as well as the joys and pitfalls found on the journey of becoming a permaculturist delivered in a meditative, self-reflective, poetic and no-nonsense style. The tenets of Zen engage in meaningful dialogue with the art of permaculture design. Zen in the Art of Permaculture Design is a must read for any aspiring, curious or seasoned permaculture designer – Teresa Pereira, Permaculture Designer at Grow Gaia

This lovely thought provoking book is like a series of conversations with a dear friend on the philosophy of creating a good life, asking you to think about the why what and how of turning thought into action. It asks questions and considers tools to find solutions that are right for who and where you are. The combination of quotes, texts and illustration encourage reflection to deepen understanding. It helped me think more deeply about what permaculture is – Suzi High, Former International co-ordinator for the Permaculture Association UK, Permaculture Teacher and Nurse

A fresh and fascinating look at a life-changing subject. Really enjoyable – Aranya, author of Permaculture Design and Permaculture Teacher