Project Details

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This is my largest stained glass project to date, and took over 2 years to complete. Well, I say 2 years – actually I made the drawing of what I was going to do, gave that to Millie with a new door to house it as a birthday, and promptly did nothing else for ages. After 2 years of Millie literally walking through her door she asked me for a regular piece of glass to be fitted. So I knuckled down and managed to finish it just before a Christmas, luckily it was good enough to blot out the 2 years wait. It was inspired by a large window I saw at my friends Kirsten & Manfred’s flat in Heidelberg. The 2 thick lines that disect the piece have small strengthened steel bars in them, as I was worried, what with all the furious door banging Millie does, that the piece would fall apart. It hasn’t, and she still likes it.