Project Details

DSC00131 (2) IMG_3881 phone pics spring 09 185 piece piece4 piece5 STA rooms Sept 2011 046 STA rooms Sept 2011 047 cropped

This was the first large mosaic I made with vitrified glass tiles (the type you find in bathrooms). It took forever and gave me a backache that has never really gone away. It was made by glueing the tiles to a plastic mesh and then laying that into the adhesive – just like the Romans  did way back when. The plan was to try out this type of tile on the steps of No. 22 Tavistock Place, before making one for the main entrance steps at No. 20. the first in a series of mandalas. This one was inspired by the art nouveau work of the Czech artist Alphonse Mucha. What do you see in the middle of the mandala?